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Male Model Portrait Model: Nem (ELMER OLSEN MODELS) Photographer: Edwin Cabrera (EDWIN CABRERA IMAGES)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Müdd Magazine Launch Party

Last Sunday I had a great time at the Müdd Magazine’s launch party at Maison Mercer here in Toronto. I love the free Grey Goose bottles at the V.I.P. lounge. It has been awhile since I have a hard drink lately. I bump into Alex who I had photo shoot with a couple weeks ago and we ended up hanging out the whole night. I’ve met also some nice people from Elite.
Müdd Magazine is a fashion, lifestyle and culture magazine. It is the first Canadian magazine to be published on the Apple iPad and iPhone.

(Elite Men -Jason P, Alex Powell and Daniel S.)

( In the middle Mahfud Ibrahim, Müdd Magazine Creative Director and Editor in Chief, right - Barbara, Producer and  friend )

(Fab magazine people and Mahfud Ibrahim, Müdd Magazine Creative Director and Editor in Chief)

(Elite Male Model Chris Brannon and friend)

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Jan iú Més SPRING/SUMMER 2011

Barcelona designer duo Jan Zamora and Alfonso Peña of the label Jan iú Més presented a fresh new look for spring/summer 2011 for their label Jan iú Més, a label known for its mathematically precise tailoring and usually broody black and muted colours.  This season the designer duo added slouchy silhouettes and vibrant graphic prints inspired by abstracted butterflies’ pattern.

The Jury Prize 080 Barcelona Fashion winning designer duo didn’t completely abandon their love for black palette, and lean silhouettes.  Black and shorts, slim tailored pants and jackets came in mostly linen and snakeskin jackets.

It seems for this season the dynamic of Jan iú Més  duo decided it’s time to have some fun.

Saturday, September 04, 2010


A couple of weeks ago I had a great time test shooting model Alex Powell, one of the new faces of Elite Model Toronto. He was such a trooper because it was raining when we did this photos shoot at the park near my place. While in the middle of the photo shoot, a thunder storm suddenly came. For a moment there, I was afraid that we might get hit by a lightning or get electrocuted from the power pack. So needless to say we packed all the equipment and ran inside. We got all wet and muddy. But I never heard a single complain from him. In fact, he thought it was funny. Then we just continued shooting at my new place, after a pizza break, which by the way Pizza Pizza had delivered burnt. We were hungry so we just ate it.

Alex came from Newfoundland and just recently moved here in Toronto. He is a very sweet guy and has very endearing small town charm. I was so jealous of his amazing abs so I asked him how get those. He told me he runs all day. Well, I guess I better start running every day now too.
With his great personality that equally matches his gorgeous looks, there is no doubt he will be successful.