Jan iú Més SPRING/SUMMER 2011

Barcelona designer duo Jan Zamora and Alfonso Peña of the label Jan iú Més presented a fresh new look for spring/summer 2011 for their label Jan iú Més, a label known for its mathematically precise tailoring and usually broody black and muted colours.  This season the designer duo added slouchy silhouettes and vibrant graphic prints inspired by abstracted butterflies’ pattern.

The Jury Prize 080 Barcelona Fashion winning designer duo didn’t completely abandon their love for black palette, and lean silhouettes.  Black and shorts, slim tailored pants and jackets came in mostly linen and snakeskin jackets.

It seems for this season the dynamic of Jan iú Més  duo decided it’s time to have some fun.

Jan iú Més | spring / summer 2011 from Jan iú Més on Vimeo.

 Jan iú Més