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Daniel "Cloud" Campos - Madonna's Dancer

Daniel "Cloud" Campos was born in Adel Georgia and raised in San Diego California. He has been b-boying since 1994. He grew up dancing with his two older brothers, Deft-1 and Aron-1. They were known as "Three Brothers Grim". Cloud didn't always see eye-to-eye with his father about dancing. He moved to Orlando Florida when he was twelve and there he met (from the Skill Methodz Crew) Abstrak and Flipz. The bond between them opened a new life for him and they started a crew called bboy connection. Cloud is currently based in North Hollywood, California, LA working on other ventures. Which includes being part of Skill Methodz crew.

Cloud cought many eyes when he became one of Madonna's dancer in her "Re-invention Tour" and "Confessions Tour".


Unknown said…
Cloud is not only incredibly gorgeous, but unbelievably talented. Anyone who was wowed on the Confessions tour wpuld have seen this uber-hunk. He has stolen my heart and I love his work. Thanks man....

Anonymous said…
definitely he is a perfect dancer i have ever seen. i willing to see more great performance presented by Madonna and him.
Anonymous said…
hello, I'm a Hungarian stylist, designer and fhotographer, and I can tell all of you, CLOUD is fantastic. I really like very much his "work" and his such a nice body and face ... wish all my models were like him :)
Congratulations Cloud!!
Can someone give me the e-mail address of Cloud ? I would like to contact him for photo-album reasons.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
A mi amiga Marta i a mi nos encanta su forma de bailar. Bueno a mi amiga Marta sobretodo lo que le encanta es lo guapo que es,ja, ja, ja..bueno i a mi je, je, je... Nos encantó desde que lo vimos en el videoclip de "Hung Up", nos impactó desde ese momento.Le deseamos mucha suerte!!
Anonymous said…
geeeeente q cara mais lindu e esse???
Zora.-* said…
I'm confused
Is that the guy who is in the video Hung Up and Sorry?
The one who is cooking fish in Hung up? And the one who shouts when he see that madonna is leaving whit the girls in Sorry?
Because this is pretty similar :/
Please Could you answer me? :)

Do it by mi mail

I mean...i love him!
and i don't even know his name :(

and sorry if i have any mistake, i'm from Argentina x.x

Anonymous said…
why wasnt Cloud in the Sticky and Sweet Tour???
Unknown said…
no lo puedo creer. nunca pense q ese bailarin de Madonna era un bombon latino
Anonymous said…
And he was in Shakira's music video, 'Did it Again'
Mona said…
I just saw the new Shakira vid and I had to look who he was! Just Amazing!
Anonymous said…
Daniel Cloud Campos... simply THE BEST!
He's wonderful on Shakira's vid DID IT AGAIN!
Wow!!!! Awesomoe!!!
Unknown said…
i just love his attitude and eye candy too