Monday, August 28, 2006

David Guillo

When I was in Italy I saw David Guillo in cell phone ads with Adriana Limathat was played almost every commercial break in every channel. And now in Toronto his face is almost every billboard in the city for Nutrigena skin care for men.

David Guillo is from Madrid, he has appeared in many editorials and commercial campaigns.

Here are some of the TV spots.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Rugby Player- James Carroll, David Duchamp & Raphael Poulain

Here’s the video outtake of one of the photo shoot of those annual Rugby Player Calendars. The make- up artist is one lucky girl.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Kate Moss

I was a big fan of the Supermodels during their era. I bought every fashion magazine and watched and taped every fashion TV show. I could recite their names and what shows and in what current magazine their at. Now most of them just selling make up or clothing line for Wal-Mart and most just slipped in obscurity- but not Kate Moss. She still looks fresh and relevant after all these years.

The September issue of
Vanity Fair really made a great point on the phenomena named Kate Moss.

Photos by Mert & Marcus for Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair September 2006: Kate Moss

Monday, August 21, 2006

Condom Project

Thanks to Proceed at Your Own Risk for posting this.

" Condoms are very much in style as a fashion accessory at the International AIDS Conference in Toronto, showing up on strait-laced men, shy teenagers and African grandmothers.
"There's a great need to de-stigmatize condoms around the world, especially in Africa," said Franck DeRose, executive director of The Condom Project, which aims to get people comfortable about condoms, especially those living in countries where the little piece of latex is considered taboo.
To do that, the project has a program that gets people making their own condom art pin. It all starts with a craft table, packaged condoms, scraps of colored paper, candy and other double-sided tape.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Nick Bateman

Nick Bateman is one of the male models of Elmer Olsen (see below). There’s something about his look that is both angelic and dangerous.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Beauty of Human Form

Amsterdam photographer Thijs van Gils works celebrates the beauty of human form.

“The human body is a form of art itself, that's what I try to emphasize in my images. I try to translate my fascination for the beauty of the human body into visual art. Showing the poetry of the human form. Using light and darkness to play with body shapes, in search for fluid lines, square ore round forms, or trying to find rhythm; working with the same object, but looking at it from different views/angels. Trying to bring out its soul"… Thijs Van Gils

You could see more of his great works at

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Atlethes/Warrior by Anderson & Low

London-based fine-art photographers, Jonathan Anderson and Edwin Low have been collaborating as the team "Anderson & Low" since 1990. Their work includes portraiture, nudes, architectural studies, reportage, landscape, and highly disciplined studio-based images.

In Athlete/Warrior which is a series of photos that explores two modern interpretation of heroism Anderson & Low captured images of athletes who are also in US military Academies. They showed that even the difference in nature of their competition; soldiers and athletes have a great amount of similarities in their drive, training, discipline.

Anderson & Low

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Kokigami- The Art of Wrapping A Penis

All men think that his penis is a special gift that will keep giving pleasures. In ancient Japan the aristocrats made this notion an art form.

"In days of yore, Japanese men of the upper classes would wrap their penises in layers of cloth before going to bed with their wives and mistresses. This was because the more complex a man could make his wrapping, the longer his wife might take to unwrap that "gift" - thereby prolonging the pleasure. Out of this subtle and creative foreplay, kokigami, the art of paper penis costumes, was born.

These days, it is typical to consult a kokigami book, much like a book of cutout clothes for dolls, choose the totem that suits you best, adjust for size, and add any little touches of your own that feel appropriate: feathers, bits of cloth, duct tape. Each comes with a serifu, a kind of script that's used during play full of puns and attitude and sexual innuendo, consisting of the Call ("Arf! Arf! Arf!"), the Response ("What a pretty doggie! Does he want to be scratched behind the ears? Can he roll over? Bad doggie! Go to the dog house!"), and some suggestions about what to do and how to move while the dick is in costume.

Example: The Dragon
The crafty Dragon likes to breathe his fire into the dark jeweled cave. Ravaging, vengeful, sly.

THE CALL: "Where are my precious jewels? My treasures? My trophies? Are they hidden in your dark cave?"
THE REPLY: "Come on hot stuff! Careful the iron gates don't snap shut and sever your burning tongue!"

THE PLAY: With arms outstretched and fingers curled like claws, move forward warily with the knees bent. The hips may be flicked about spasmodically accompanied by the low seductive roar of a raging furnace.


Dual Sexuality

Korean photographer Woo Chong-il depicted the dual sexuality in every male in his series of photographs. The images are series of male model flexing his muscles while donning of a women’s undergarments.

Woo Chong-il “As men, we all have feminine sides, but we hide it”

Woo Chong-il Studio

Turkish Oil Wrestling

It’s so amazing to find out that somewhere burly muscled men slathered in olive oil clad only in leather pants grapples, pins and plunges their hands on each other’s pants is a national sport. Yagli Gures (“yaw-luh gresh”) - oil wrestling is the biggest spectator sports in Turkey that is held every July.

More photos of this sexy sport at Turkish Wrestling site.