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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

"Formula 17"

Yesterday I watched a Taiwanese gay film “Formula 17”. The entertaining trailer and positive comments from youtube.com enticed me to check it out. Formula 17 is a really escapism movie. It’s a gay version of 80’s John Hughes film, where this time the ingĂ©nue is not a spunky girl with a heart of gold but instead an innocent gay country bumpkin with a pure soul searching for true love.

The virginal Tien (Tony Yang) visited Taipei to meet his online friend Kevin. But when Kevin invited him to his place sex Tien refuses because he thinks that sex should be a form of a romantic apotheosis. When it didn’t work he went to Yu (Chin King), his highs school friend’s bar to ask him if he could crashes his place for the whole summer. At the bar he met the playboy Bai (Duncan Chow).

So the whole movie revolves around how a cold hearted Bai fell in love try to change his slutty ways and Tien trying to hold on to his believes in giving away his virginity to the one he loves.
So you could see this is a movie where everyone is gay and any gay political or social issues doesn’t exist at all. But in all, it is a fun to watch, where for a brief moment you could go to a gay paradise where everyone looks perfectly cute and your only problem is finding true love.