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Cryptopigs is an NFT project that uses Harmony's HRC721 standard and features 5.000 uniquely generated variations of the Piggybank Yield Farm mascot. Each Piggy NFT is minted with four to seven attributes, some being rarer than others. 

By adding up the rarities for each attribute, you can calculate the value of each Cryptopig, which is also shown by the Piggy's background. If you're lucky, you might be able to mint one of 10 Piggies with an elusive Rainbow-colored background! You can mint a Piggy yourself for 500 ONE. 
Of these minting fees, 20% is sent to the artist, the remaining 80% is used to strengthen the Piggybank project, to cover future development of additional gamification features, a marketplace for you to swap your NFTs, marketing costs and COINK staking incentives. 

By getting a Piggy, not only will you own oinkredible, unique, limited edition art on the blockchain, support a great artist and help develop the Piggybank ecosystem - but you will also be presented with unique opportunities to play with your pig - Piggybank is working on Piggy NFT gamification for your farming efforts with virtual pet and PvP mechanics, as well as integration with the NFT and gaming ecosystem.