The pandemic made most of part of the world unable to travel or welcome everyone.   However, Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, is sending a message to tourists that once everyone can travel again that they remember that the city is a wonderful place to visit.  On Dec. 4th they launched a new sequel to their tourism campaign series "Christmas in Vilnius: Amazing Whenever You"ll Able to Come". 

The campaign is featuring a futuristic Vilnius visual with flying cars and a technological Christmas Tree  It reflects on the current global situation and travel restrictions. It implies that tourists are welcome anytime, but maybe they will only be able to come in the distant future. In any case, they are still very welcome and the city is ready for them! The current campaign reflects upon the changed global situation, travel restrictions and different Christmas that will see most people celebrating quietly at home and avoiding travel. It conveys a message that Vilnius is and will be welcoming tourists and visitors at any time, whenever it's safe to travel. 

The campaign's previous chapter, entitled "Vilnius: Amazing Wherever You Think It Is,” was recognized as the Best Communications Strategy at “City, Nation, Place Awards 2020" in November.