Progression calls for unity: a formation of people evolving together as part of a rhythm. For Spring-Summer 2021, Wooyoungmi expresses the momentum of our time through the medium of dance. At its core, the concept of group choreography represents an assembly of diverse individuals motivated by one collaborative purpose. The collection comes to life in an ambient performance film, which is screened across the brand’s digital platforms.


Shot within the opulently derelict décor of the Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord in Paris, the moving imagery paints a poetic image of our time. The stage may be bruised, but from it rises a new force of hope, creativity, and evolution. Garments informed by the premise of dance immerse themselves in the rehearsal wardrobe of the dancer and interprets it for a contemporary urban outlook. Continuing its genderless approach – a shared and versatile proposal – Wooyoungmi applies the soul of dance to a co-ed collection entrenched in the instinctive style of the youth of Seoul. Here, the new generations promote their values of freedom through self-expression manifested in bold plays on conventional dress codes. Through poised deconstruction, they magnify and elongate traditional sartorial elements, creating a look where movement is key both literally and figuratively. Expressed with grace and elegance, it’s a progressive spirit that lends itself effortlessly to the idea of the dancer’s wardrobe.