For Dior men's Summer 2021 collection designer Kim Jones has collaborated with Ghanaian artist Amoako Boafo. 

The African continent is a constant, infinite source of inspiration for the House of Dior.  Kim Jones who spent his childhood years across five African countries considers it his home.

Amoako Boafo’s celebrated Black Diaspora portraits are explorations of his own identity and perceptions of Blackness – specifically Black masculinity. Already expressive of cultural fusion, here those artworks are transposed – literally and metaphorically – onto garments expressive of the techniques and histories of haute couture. Exploring the world, without moving. 
Each piece is a collaboration, a dialogue. Amoako Boafo’s artworks are an inspiration but also an essential foundation. Colors are drawn from his vivid, near-surreal hues. Prints are drawn from the graphic patterns that characterize his work. Jacquard of paintbrush strokes is based on a photograph, taken by Kim Jones. In other pieces, embroideries, knitwear are based on specific works by Amoako Boafo.