Malaysian artist, Noreen Loh Hui Miun  ongoing sculptural series titled “The Marriage,”combines elements from real and fictional plantlife to create entirely new beautiful species. The enchanting and fragile looking sculptures starts with dried plant components like branches and moss to which she adds cut laminate petals reminiscent of reptile scales and other colorful components.

Miun known to explores different medium to express her creativity and unique experimental spirits. The whimsical sculptures were inspired by the structures of real flowers, each art piece blurs the lines between form and beauty, fantasy and life.

 "The Marriage"& "The Marriage II", is a series of flora sculptures installation handcrafted with lamitak’s imitation wood to mirror its origins and demonstrate its versatility.  The  imagination and reality come together in this collection of mixed media floral sculptures.

“I worked at a florist’s for about three years… I love flowers and am fascinated by them. The marriage is my exploration of what is the essence of a flower.” -Noreen Loh Hui Miun

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