Helping to heal the country and the world after the terrible tragedies in Paris, conceptual Artist Jonathan Rosen created another final piece to his collection “I Want” series. His latest work entitled “I Want Peace” symbolizes the hope for peace and resilience in the city, country and the world. The thought-provoking and transformative exhibition will include 12 pieces, and 8 new canvases made exclusively for the show. “I Want to Dream” exhibition is currently showing at colette in Paris until January 01, 2016

Inspired by the Yoko Ono quote, “A dream you dream alone is only a dream, a dream you dream together is a reality,” Rosen’s ‘I WANT TO DREAM’ exhibition is an invitation to reveal our deepest desires, and to dream collectively. Rosen brings his personal wants and dreams quite literally to the surface for an intimate engagement with themes of hope, ambition, and loneliness.

Rosen’s 12, large canvasses each address various ‘wants’ of the artist: from wanting to escape to wanting to be bad, wanting to be found. Each ‘dream’ the artist expresses in these works are deeply personal while at the same time universally resonant. Each artwork in the exhibition will have the letters ‘I WANT...’ carved into the canvases’ surface, creating a window of negative space that evokes a reminder: that to dream, risks remaining unfulfilled. The canvases are then shrouded in the material histories that Rosen has collected. Once sourced from Rosen’s personal collections - which included concert stubs and love letters - he now produced with artifacts of others; materials that are either in synthesis or ambivalence with the message of the piece.

“I’m very excited to have my first European show at colette in Paris. The convergence of high-fashion, art, design and commerce, makes colette an ideal place for dreaming. By revealing my dreams through these new pieces of art, I hope to inspire and encourage others to do the same.”
Jonathan Rosen