Considered as Europe’s most exhibited sculpture, artist Anna Chromy is now one of the circle of Grand Masters as the first Western artist to honoured by China and have a solo exhibits in Beijing. The first solo exhibition by any western artist at the National Museum in Beijing. The Exhibition runs from October 12th to 25th and features 15 of her large sculptures, 20 small sculptures and 30 drawings.

Anna Chromy is the first woman to be awarded the “Premio Michelangelo” sculpture award for her work “The Cloak of Conscience”. The beautiful sculpture that depicts a faceless figure hooded and shrouded in cloth became a spiritual symbol for peace, harmony and new found conscience for many people.

 In 2012, the president of the British Olympic Committee, Lord Moynihan, invited Anna to design the sculpture for the athlete’s Olympic village.

Born in Bohemia, Czech Republic in 1940, Ana started as a painter. But a life-threatening accident turned her attention to sculpture.
 “I had many sufferings in my life, but this accident was the worst. It did not completely change my view of life, but it taught me how fragile we human beings are, in every respect. With this sense of fragility comes the understanding how precious life is and that we should live it in a more conscious way, not just for us, but for all our loved ones and beyond.” 

 Now the Chinese have fallen in love with her work and are honouring her with the first solo artist exhibition for a Westerner at the hugely prestigious National Museum which fronts onto Tiananmen Square.
“The Cloak of Conscience”


"Christ on Cross"

"Danube, Violinist"



"Marionet Dancer"

"Myth of the Mediterranean"

"Olympic Spirit"