The 27th World of WearableArt™ Awards Show, known as WOW®, kicks off on Thursday 24th September for its annual Show Season in Wellington New Zealand. 

WOW is New Zealand's largest arts show and each year a new theatrical world is created in which incredible garments are bought to life. This year 55,000 show goers will attend from around the world. WOW is a breathtaking spectacular of dance, theatre, music, and art. The garments on stage are the award-contending designs selected from worldwide entries in the annual WOW Awards competition, which puts the simple, but challenging brief to designers - to take "art off the wall and adorn onto the human form". 

Designers come from all occupations, from all over the world.  They were given the opportunity to be innovative, original and not bound by the constraints of commercialism. The only limit is their imagination. It's where fantasy meets reality and dreams merge with nightmares.