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The newest publication from Frame Publishers is a book about fashion which delves into the world of contemporary fetishism. Its release coincides with the Mode Biennale Arnhem 2013.

Fetishism in Fashion by internationally-renowned trend forecaster and curator Lidewij Edelkoort explores the world of fashion through a fetishistic lens to reveal an instinctive future for style and culture.

 The reference book investigates the evolution of taste from birth to adulthood, the elevation of shoes through ever-higher heels, the psychology of branding, the effects of infantilism, the power of the colour black, the fetishising of objects, and the interaction with skin and the body.

Lidewij Edelkoort on Fetishism in Fashion: “As a devotee of clothing and textiles in particular; I decided to analyze and dissect our obsession with fashion by dedicating a theme to the phenomenon of fetishism. An analysis of our desire to know and express ourselves; from covering and veiling to the most eccentric extremes which the desire for beauty can lead to. I wanted to look for the strong links which exist between an item of clothing and the wearer; the passion which can be caused by a pair of shoes or the emotional experience which the tactility of a textile can give us.”

With visually-rich – and sometimes shocking – photography and essays by established authors discussing art, clothing, design, textiles, food and beauty, this in-depth publication sheds new light on the fetishism phenomenon. More than 50 fetishes are illustrated by inspiring visuals from the likes of Leigh Bowery and Erwin Olaf, boundary-stretching works

Mode Biennale in Arnhem, the Netherlands is an event that provides insight into the current position of lifestyle and fashion, fashion design and fashion culture on an international level. The fifth edition of Mode Biennale (9 June to 21 July 2013) has been curated by Lidewij Edelkoort with a theme of 'Fetishism in Fashion'. In collaboration with co-curator Philip Fimmano and with the assistance of Willem Schenk, visitors to the Mode Biennale will be led through the extraordinary and currently unexplored territory of fashion and fetishism.
 M°BA 13 - Fetishism in Fashion will use exhibitions, films and images, dance and theater, and workshops to summon a world which appeals to our darkest and most primitive instincts. FETISHISM IN FASHION will be held at M°BA CENTRAAL, a newly-built cultural complex in the centre of the city from Neutelings Riedijk Architects.

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