Mademoiselle Coco
by Nahal Shad
 The great Madame Coco herself once said, “Women think of all colors except the absence of color. I have said that black has it all. White too. Their beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony.” This quote is slowly coming to life this year, and when fall 2013 rolls around it will become all we see! Embrace the black and white ladies and gentlemen because there is no running from it! The current trend with black and white comes in checkered form. All over every city, the fashionistas are reaching out for their most unique twist on checkered fashion!
I am yet to fully grasp this trend, and the thing is that it is a really tricky one! if you pair checkered print with a bright, bold colour (that is also in season this year), you are literally killing two trends with one stone, and it is scary, please refrain from doing so. Don’t get me wrong, I am all about big, bold fashion statements, but this trend done wrong can literally make you look like an optical illusion! I have seen it, and it does not look fabulous in any way, it makes you trigger headaches among populations everywhere you go!
            This print is also a tough one to wear simply because of the bodily illusion it gives. Checkered print makes the body look a lot larger than it is. It gives off a broader image of someone because it draws your view horizontally instead of vertically. If you are looking to stay with the black and white trend in give your body a slimmer look, then using the thinner vertical line prints would be a much better option for you.

Another option here is to add this print to your look in a more minor way. Getting checkered shoes, or a checkered belt, scarf or accessory could help you pull together this look in a more subtle way. However if you make this decision you must be very careful with what your main outfit is. If your main outfit is a bright yellow fitted dress, I would not pair it with a checkered belt for a slimming illusion. wearing a little black dress with a checkered belt or opting for a fitted maroon dress with a checkered shoe addition are both great options for keeping in with the trend and changing it to flatter your body shape! Remember that trends are great to follow, but if you feel uncomfortable in a trend, it will show in your look, and trust me when i tell you this, uncomfortable is the worst look.

            I think that Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton are doing this look best so far. Louis who has stealthy done their trademark checkered print for a couple years already is taking this trend on full force to take it as far as classy will allow them to. Marc, who is infamous for testing boundaries is also have a ball with the checkers, and in my opinion, the risks he has taken so far have paid off quite well! He has played the pieces so daring and absurd that they look amazing!

Overall, the checker print is a great look. Some people are jumping into this trend head first, while others are merely dipping their toes in. I think the latter is taking the right approach because if we do this look hard for the next three seasons we are going to get extremely sick of it. But if we pace ourselves and slowly immerse we can fall in love with it as it begins to explode. Styling is the most important aspect of this trend, style well and you will be a trendsetter to watch for, style it wrong but you will be a trendkiller, a title that is hard to shake off with a look this bold.