Here’s the spring/summer 2013 collection by Ana Locking titled “The Talk” which according to the designer is based upon the confrontation between two opposites to achieve balance. The colours are coral red, coral pink, petroleum blue, navy blue, olive, smoke grey, fingerprint, leopard print, coral print, white, black and stripes. For materials, Ana Locking used triple organza, washed satin, crÍpe de file, raffia knits, digital prints in stretch satin crÍpe, silk jacquard, leopard-skin prints in silk gauze, spider's web Chantilly lace, washed satin silk, striped silk lame’ knits.

 Ana Locking is also known for her interesting accessories, for women's and men's, she created belts made of black natural cowhide, featuring an inner lining that is polished to match, replete with multi-coloured braided and knotted cord details. The footwear made by Castañer for the label, were mostly sandals, featuring pieces of coloured leather that converge at the point where mountain-boot laces begin to wind up and down the leg. Handbags made of soft and malleable glace lamb, in which the comfort of semi-rigid leather is linked to the sophisticated gesture of a hand-held bag. Necklaces in polyester resin inspired in hybrids bestiaries and natural coral.

Models: Denisa Dvorakova, Anya Kazakova, O´shea Robertson, , Alla Kostromichova, Emma Xie,  Erin Fee, Karo Mrozkova, Elena Melnik, David Chiang, Rose Cordero, Juju Ivanjuk, Ilva Heitmann, Diana Farkhullina, Linus Gustin, Alla Kostromichova, Jakob Wiechmann, Sebastian Sauvé