Continuing their very interesting advertising concept from the last season, luxury label WOOYOUNGMI has collaborated with another artist to interpret the label season collection. For the fall/winter 2012 campaign painter Clemens Krauss created a beautiful painting called “Belonging.


"The whole concept of how modern man lives all isolated without fulfilling the needs of being attached in a group and being loved, which is the third stage of the psychologist Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory, is what WOOYOUNGMI 2012 A/W Collection and Clemens have in common in their work. 

In his series 'Concepts of Isolation' Clemens Krauss consequently explores the vulnerabilities of the individual in the social context. Although modern times seem to provide all sorts of amenities, society at the same time is faced with growing alienation and isolation. Yet men are social beings who after fulfilling basic physiological and safety needs long for love, friendship and intimacy.

Clemens Krauss distinctively painted those modern men living their lives alone and isolated as they are not being loved and alienated from their busy lives with family and co-workers, with his very thick impasto depictions and has thrown a big question mark for the solutions for recovering from everyone’s suffering by oneself."

The very remarkable artist, Clemens Krauss has been described as 'a performer who paints and a conceptualist, who performs'. The human body is the central theme of Clemens Krauss oevre. It serves as reference as well as starting point. This is quite understandable and consistent, as Clemens has not only a background in fine arts but also holds a degree in medicine.

Austrian-born artist Clemens Krauss lives and works in Berlin. He has a unique academic background. He is a versatile artist, who also works in the media of performance, video, photography and site specific installation.

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