KPop BIGBANG`s new song ``Fantastic Baby`` has been playing on my iPhone and computer on repeat for the past weeks now since it was officially released. I know it`s still early to say, but this is probably going to be my number 1 video and pop song for this year 2012. I think the song and video manage to get every right ingredient that makes a great Pop; catchy and danceable song, interesting video concept, edgy fashionable outfits that would not be out of place in Lady Gaga`s closet (she`s the measuring gauge now for what makes a great style for any artist) and of course good looking performers. I recently just got into KPop so I`m really not familiar with the band BIGBANG`s early work or I`m with a lot of  other KPop artists, so I can`t really say that they are the best. But I do think that this song will accelerate the Korean Wave that has been spreading in Europe and North America right now. If you don`t believe me, just look at and search ``my reaction on Big Bang`s Fantastic Baby``. 

``Fantastic Baby`` is BIGBANG third song and video released from their latest album Alive.