I never understand the fascination and hoopla on pre-collections. For me they are just excessive, and just taking away the excitement of waiting for the fashion houses' offering for next season collection. I guess it just one of those necessities that got added when fashion industry had shifted more on the business side. Now designers have to come up with 6 great collections every year.

Karl Lagerfeld went to days of the Raj for inspiration for Chanel “Paris-Bombay” pre-fall 2012 collection. Here are the pictures of some of the menswear from the show and veteran supermodels Stella Tennant and Yasmin Lebon.

Soundtrack: Playlist by Michel Gaubert
1) “Opening Title” by Bombay Talkie
2) “My Sweet Lord” by George Harrison
3) “Good Day Today” by David Lynch
4) “Seer” (Psychic IIIs Remix) by Moon Duo
5) “Instant Karma” by John Lennon