Miuccia Prada continues to challenge our idea of good taste. For her men spring/summer 2012 she swung to the side of camp and kitsch. The collection is full of funky and loud golf clothes The clothes may not be for everyone`s cup of tea but this one of my favourite shows in Milan this season. I was smiling from ear to ear throughout the whole show. I`m betting that those golf shoes will be the must have next spring.
Prada gave us the kooky side of fifties, just when almost all the fashion crowd still in love with the dapper style of “Mad Men”, I swear if I had a dime for every PR pieces, collections and fashion parties that were inspired by the TV show I would have enough money to buy a large share of Prada at Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Miuccia‘s amazing eye as contrarian reigns supreme.



Unknown said…
Dresses in spring are flattering, flirtatious and fun. They make every woman and man feel more feminine and they are generally easy to take care of. Dresses are versatile, which makes them great for those after-work date nights and this collection fulfills all my mentioned features about spring collection.
Mens Golf Clothing