My favourite top male model right now is Filipino Canadian model Paolo Roldan.  Not only he has perfect  look  that I have been wishing  I have , his presence in fashion is also rare on the sea of skinny teenage looking  white boys.  How many manly, muscular Asian male models do you see working on the runways, fashion editorials and campaigns? 

Paolo Roldan was discovered during his business trip as a Fashion Buyer during New York Fashion Week by David Bossman of Boss Models.  Soon after meeting Riccardo Tisci, he closed the Givenchy Fall 2010 show.  Now he is being booked for amazing editorials and working on some of blue chips clients like Giorgio Armani, Phillip Lim.

Excerpt from New York Magazine -" Meet the New Guy: Paolo Roldan Lived Through Four of His Nine Lives"

Tell us something we don't know about you.
I think I have nine lives! I've had so many close calls since I was a kid. I've probably gone through four of them by now.

What's your diet like? Is it hard to maintain that physique?
My diet for the past two years consists of a lot of chicken breasts, grilled steaks, greens, tuna, sweet potatoes, and beans. At the peak of it, I was working out five to six times a week. It's not that hard once you get into the routine of it. It becomes quite an addiction (in the best way!).

On your off days, what do you enjoy doing? I try to get together with my family or my girlfriend's family. We try to go as often as we can for the good company and home-cooked meals. When I'm not doing that, you'd probably find me at some random gym with my boys. I also have a passion for cooking, and sketching clothes.

Excerpt from The Block -Interview with Paolo Roldan

TB: Besides Toronto, what other city would you live in if you had the choice?
PR: I would love to live in New York City. There’s an energy there that just drives people to want to do better. It’s got good, healthy competition.
TB: I think it’s safe to say that you’ve have a pretty cultivated taste when it comes to fashion, prior to you even modeling. But what heights has the fashion world taken you to in terms of your love for fashion?
PR: It’s taken me on a whole new level of appreciation for the fashion industry. Designers and their teams work so hard on their collections. The amount of passion and work that goes into it is ridiculous! I definitely have way more respect for the industry. As far as taste goes, I’m having an overload.


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