During fall 2010 New York Fashion Week I had the chance to visit the always innovative designer Norma Kamali’s exhibition called “Style on Demand” at her flag ship store in Madison Avenue. She made the exhibition interactive by partnering with ScanLife mobile technology. Every area of exhibit had a bar code that you can scan by using your mobile phone and it would show videos, press clippings and history about the items. Her very nice PR people showed me how to do it with my blackberry. It was like having audio and video guide that one pays for when going to a museum. There’s also a chance to win something, but unfortunately I didn’t win anything.

The exhibition focused on the notion of artisan fashion, food and wellness. Her famous “sleeping bag coat” that she created after being inspired by the comfort of wrapping a sleeping bag on one’s body during on of her camping trips, greeted me on the entrance. I first then went to the “parachute collection” area. I love the amazing rouching technique she employed on every piece and being able to touch it I’m surprise how light the pieces are. The “safety pins” collection was one of favourite from the exhibit. I specially wondered how the bathing suit with all those safety pins would look like wet. Her EBay line was there too.

I then went downstairs where the wellness cafe area of the store is. Kamali’s “Wellness Collection” which was launched in 2003 consists of personal care, gourmet and wellness products. It’s for people who love holistic lifestyle. Her facial crème are so organic and natural that you can even eat them. It’s came from the concept if you can’t take it internally why would you put it on your externally. Also there was refreshing organic lemonade that were giving out free. Love it.