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Tailor, designer and owner of a very sleek made-to- measure boutique called Ur Imij on rue Notre-Dame in Old Montreal Canada; Dimitri Chris Alexiou has been creating exquisite menswear for many years now. Last year he presented his second prêt-à-porter collection during Montreal Fashion Week.

I had the chance to ask him some few questions about his collection and design inspirations.

Niwdinapolis: What inspire and influences you in your design?

Dimitri Chris: Everything and anything can and does inspire me... Lyrics to a song, an emotion, a picture, architecture, life, my friends etc... Mainly from all these influences some kind of an emotion is created in my mind and from there my subconscious kind of creates a fairytale world where a story line takes place... This story line is the inspiration behind each collection. For this spring collection in particular the original inspiration came from seeing two people from very different social backgrounds and upbringings. In my fairytale I mixed them into one person and had their worlds combined. Prince of Wales was a rebellious high class spoiled brat who wanted to be part of the common people and the street scene and not live in a palace simply put!!! The contrasts really attract me for some reason.

Niwdinapolis: What is typical men do you think wears a Dimitri Chris clothes?

Dimitri Chris: I’d like to believe that every man can fit into the DimitriChris brand. I mean I don’t think I speak to one demographic only. I try to bring two worlds together. There’s something in there for the business man as well as the skater kid... I’d like to create this universe with my clothing that we are all one!!! I don’t believe that quality and luxury should be for a certain elite only... It’s important for all of us to look good for our day to day life. But realistically speaking it definitely attracts much more a young professional and guys form the art/design/marketing scene.

Niwdenapolis: Being menswear designer, do you have a male style icon, or a man that exemplify style?

Dimitri Chris: I love Pierce Brosnan, Jude Law, Pharell Williams, Tom Ford, David Beckham, Jake Gylenhall, Jonathan Rys Meyers, and that Canadian actor guy who played in the Notebook who I always forget his name.... LOL