Kirk Pickersgill and Stephen Wong of the label Greta Constantine introduced a men’s collection called Ezra Constantine in their spring/summer 2010 show at Toronto Fashion week. The label Greta Constantine is known for their amazing edgy street style and beautiful goddesses’ silhouettes. So it was interesting what they would do for their men’s collection.

Niwde: What inspired you to design a mens' line?

Greta Constantine: We felt it was a natural evolution of the women's collection. And we wanted something edgy and contemporary that we could wear ourselves!

Niwde: What is a typical Ezra Constantine man? What kind of men you envision would wear Ezra Constantine?
GC: A man of confidence, a risk taker. He's the type of person that you give a second glance.

Male models strutted the very punk rock and avant-garde clothes from the show- studded bathing suit, leather harness, jersey one –sees, elongated tank top. With these modern and sharp clothes, for sure any man, who would wear Ezra Constantine, will get a second glance.

Runway photos by George Pimentel

Here are the women's collection

Here are more of Greta Constantine design that appeared in different magazine including Vogue.