The new site I love reading lately is GoSee. It’s amazing creative listings. It really gives you the world view of what’s happening to the art, fashion and whole creative industry. It wonderfully edited and executed.

Here are some of the news from GoSee:

"BOOKLET presents Philip-Lorca diCorcia : street-photography star and cinemaphotographer of emotions" (...more are GoSee)

"Stefan ARMBRUSTER photographed Patrick Kafka, Austria’s most sought after male model. He captured the young Vienna-based lad on a roof using black and white photography." (..more at GoSee)

"Herr Brammen directed the first image photo shoot for BREUNINGER’s new “STROKESMAN’S” brand. The photographs were realised in Los Angeles, with Creative Director Stephan Brammen." (..more at GoSee)

Source: GoSee