Burberry Prorsum Men's Resort Collection 2010

I love it when designers add menswear to their resort collection. I know resort collections are primarily geared for women but men needs to look good while going on holidays too. I’m tired of every time I go on holiday somewhere or either in my city seeing a very well dressed women walking around with her bf/husband dressed in some cargo pants or short paired with either roomy blue button down shirt, golf shirt or Abercrombie shirts.

So here is the Burberry Prorsum’s men’s resort collection for 2010. I love the black coat with poetic sleeves (photo #8). I’m not crazy about the cut of pants though. I know it’s a very trendy cut but I still want a pair of trousers that would make my butt looks good and I won’t look like I have a pair of long hangers. But again I really really want to get the coat from photo #8.



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Looks so awesome knowledge for fashion.