Valentino Uomo Spring/Summer 2009

Here is the Valentino Uomo spring/summer 2009 collection. As usual the collection is full of classic cut clothes in luxurious fabrics. I love the brown and beige leather jackets. For spring/summer men’s Valentino is all about risky combinations. The collection is full of unmatched jackets and trousers, interplays of textures and hues

Accordint to Valentino Group the collection is divided into four parts:

A day of traditional flavour, in which the creative spirit bursts and innovates. Macro reinterpretations of pin-striped suits; mohair cloths with a loose weave, almost like mats; jackets with graphic checks in sand shades matched with onion-coloured trousers: the important thing is to experiment, but still keeping within the dressmaking grid.

1800On a north coast beach, it’s the elegance of bygone times. The style veers towards the informal; the jackets are destructed and the colours become watery. Accents of peacock blue and cherry take us back to the present; strokes of mastic, grapes and mandarin suggest innovative sophistications. White is ubiquitous, ‘as elegance wills’, to interpret better dusty backgrounds and flashes of colour.

The desire for the eccentric and for the blending of materials also carries away the morning dress, which is split in three parts and plays with textures.

Blue is the new black, for glamorous 1960s-style evenings, whose imprint is given by touches of ethnic design. Bracelets and necklaces give eccentricity to the formal outfit; pure gold filaments shine on blue jackets; the gold of shirts and bow ties lights, like a star, garments dark as night. Echoes of a maharaja’s memories.



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Such a great collection ! thank You :)
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