Steven Klein Update

I’m sure you all probably heard or even have a copy of Steven Klein’s cover and editorial “Blame It on Rio”on W Magazine starring Madonna and her new hot boy toy Jesus Pinto da Luz. Just like every Steven Klein’s photos the cover and editorial spread are very dark and seductive. I love the collaboration. It reminded me the Madonna during her Sex/Erotica era. Oh it was such a fun time.

I also include here in the post the very provocative and kinky story Steven Klein did with Panos Yiapanis called” Games and Restrictions: Candy Twilight & Guns” on the latest edition of Arena Homme +.

Steven Klein is having an exhibition titled: Extreme Beauty in Vogue at the Palazzo della Ragione in Milan from March 4 to May 10. He is also one of the amazing photographers that part of the exhibit “Weird Beauty: Fashion Photography Now” at the International Centre of Photography in New York from Jan. 16 to May 9. It showcases the most innovative fashion photography of the last few years. Among the photos that will be exhibited are the photos from one of my favourites editorial last year: “Love Hate” on W with supermodel Linda Evangelista and top male model Tyson Ballou.

” Games and Restrictions: Candy Twilight & Guns”

"Wierd Beauty: Fashion Photography Now"




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