DV Man International Winter Issue

I finally had the chance to read some of the magazines I got 2 months ago. So here is the latest Winter Issue of DV Man International. The cover model is none other than Brazilian top male model Evandro Soldati. There’s a lot of great story inside the magazine. I posted some of the stories here. I particularly like the “Tokyo Six” story with one of my favourite male model Philip Huang.

Also another interesting story inside is called "Go Slow" about the changing opinion on luxury brands.

Here's the winter underwear editorial from the latest issue:

"Blood, Sweat and Tears"
by Mona Norremo Photo by Jesper Brandt
Models: Niklas Nilsson, Matti Makela, Ali Parchami, Alexander Gustafsson

"Tokyo Six"
By Maria Ahlgren, Photo by Nils Odier, Fashion by Sofia Ericson
Model: Philip Huang
DV Man interviewed 6 Tokyo designers.
1) Arashi Yanagawa for John Lawrence Sullivan
2) Dai Fujiwara for Issey Miyake
3) Kiminori Morishita for Kiminori Morishita
4) Kazuyuki Kumagai for Attachment
5) Mihara Yasuhiro for Mihara Yasuhiro
6) Rynshu Hashimoto for Masatomo

"Check UP"
Model: Evandro Soldati, Photos by Marcin Kosmoski


Anonymous said…
for "Blood, Sweat and Tears"
A M A Z I N G S H O O T !
: )
KRK said…
i m defentively in love with evandro...
but the first part of your post is great ;)
colter said…
wow, excellent images of philip huang. he's one of my favorite models, too, given he's the only asian male who seems to have a staying power in the industry. i think it's great that his face is in several of the displays in the mens section of any Target here in the states...