Jeffrey-West - For Modern Dandies

If you are looking to ad edgy elements to your dandy style or preppy style, you can get some amazing accessories at Jeffrey-West.

Classic construction techniques with innovative, racier sharp silhouette and quirky designs can be found in any Jeffrey-West footwear and accessories. The Northampton (UK) company has been producing a fresh take on traditional accessories. Every item is meticulously crafted. They are bespoke with a racy attitude.

Jeffrey-West’ shoes are known for their level of luxury, comfort and elegance. They use the best materials and designed footwear with classic characteristics and twisted style. They are the one who first introduced cleft heel.

Mark Jeffery and Guy West started producing footwear in 1987. They decided to work with classic Northampton shire factories, but they wanted to create a look that was slicker, more elegant and sharper than anyone else was producing. They wanted to create a new branded style of traditional footwear that nodded to footwear heritage but brought it right up to date. Jeffery-West remains a private and independent operation

You don’t need to go to UK to get their accessories. You can order them online.



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