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Chanel’s Maison d’Art "Paris-Moscou"- Men's Collection

Karl Lagerfeld showed his Chanel’s Maison d’Art "Paris-Moscou" was highly influence by the Russian culture that fascinated Coco Chanel. The show was held on December 3rd at the Ranelagh Theatre in Paris.

Karl also made a short silent film based on Coco’s relationship with the Grand Duke Dmitry Pavlovich Romanov. The film titled "Paris-Moscou" can be viewed at

On the a very interesting note, Grand Duke Dimitry was a great womanizer who had famous lovers like Coco Chanel and early film actress Vera Karalli had also a scandalous affair with Prince Felix Felixovich Yusupov.

Screen shots from the short film "Paris-Moscou".

Here the handsome photos of the Grand Duke Dmitry Pavlovich Romanov.

Here is the photo of Prince Felix Felixovich. I wish Hollywood makes a film about their relationship. I think it would be a very interesting to see, and imagine how stylish the period costumes would be.

I’m not so crazy about the men’s collection. I find it didn’t hold par with the women’s collection. But what do you guys think?

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S J D said…
for the most part I'm really not a fan, but I am really taken with the "fairy tale" to-the-knee boots and with the blue, shaped coat.
Anonymous said…
absolutely fabulous !
Starck Mad said…
The cut of the coats and jackets is the military look. I think the pins and badges are a bit much, but the cut is GREAT
Anonymous said…
I love the boots!