These are the current top internationally trending runway and editorial Asian male models. in alphabetical order. AIDEN PARK

Uno De 50

Again, I apologize for the long post break. It has been crazy busy after my vacation. Since I told you guys I will be posting fashion bits I discovered while in Spain. Here’s one of them. As soon as I saw the window display in their store in Chueca area in Madrid I feel in love with their chain jewelries. I’m not a jewelry person but it so easy to be amaze with their design elements. (Also a good thing to note that the Sales Guy in that store is major hottie.).

Uno de 50 was founded by Concha Díaz del Río with other group of artistic and rebellious designers to create a collection of jewelries and accessories that are different from the classic or traditional designs. They named it “Uno de 50” because all models are produce only in 50 pieces, thus, also making every item very exclusive. The combination of traditional and rebellious spirit makes Uno de 50 product devoid of trends. So you could wear any items from them year after year.

Now, Uno de 50 embarked on producing handbags. According to Uno de 50, their new line is primarily centered on five materials and styles which Uno de 50 has made its own over the years: Cremalleras, Flecos, Moteros, Shopping Bag and Noche. Each of these will inspire various handbag models designed according to their own specific characteristics, but always with the brand’s personal stamp: young, fresh, urban and non-conformist. Fine materials have been selected for this new line’s first collection, such as top-quality leathers dyed in practical and functional colours for winter, including various shades of black and brown.


gaylover said…
The model is a portuguese guy... I can't remember is name... Maybe Rodrigo, or Gonçalo or Nuno... sorry, but he is really beautiful. You should see hime live in a fashion show.