Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week - Men's Spring/Summer 2009

Too bad I missed this year Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week. But here is the round up of the men’s spring/summer 2009 collection.

Ana Locking showed the softer and shinier side of men in outfits made from silky and gauzy fabrics. The most daring outfit was the shiny blazer paired with equally shiny short shorts. I wonder what kind of guy would wear that. For Mallagan designer Davidelfin he wants men for spring/summer to wear narrow shirt collars, symmetric and compact cuts clothes and transparent leggings.

El Delgado Buil showed a collection with graffiti-inspired prints – orange brushstrokes, powdery tones, lavender, olive greens, mauve, black and pastels in a mural bursting with artsy colours. The trousers feature pleats and turn-ups, in fabrics such as cotton, viscose, and light gauze. The men wear XXL double-breasted winter coats, culotte-style shorts and gold-fringed Palestinian scarves. Elio Berhanyer offered very clean, understated chic classic sports wear -finely-knit sweaters in stone grey and grass green, semi-transparent polo shirts and casual, unpleated tailored trousers. There is no question that his clothes were designed to flatter rather than dress up. The whole collection is pure and refined.

On the other side of the spectrum designer Jan Lu Mes showed a very sexy attention grabbing collection. The clothes were gauze shirts, transparent sweaters and jackets, pants and shorts made from fabrics that were polished and look slippery. Catalan designer Josep Abril was inspired by magical stone malachite which he applied in colour of the clothes from this collection. With regard to patterns, we find jackets that are stretched out to a frock coat style. The same occurs with the knitted jumpers and cardigans, whose lengths reach down to the knee and cover much of the trousers. Overlays, tailored ankle trousers and sports chic shorts paired with trouser socks based on the international “nothing underneath” trend. Abril aimed his collection aimed to men who sets trends.

Victorio & Luccino offered a classic tailoring updated with modern techno fabrics.


Part 1 - Ana Locking - Fashion Show Part 2 - Pasarela Cibeles - Madrid Fashion Week -Summer-09

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LYNN and HORST said…
great post
i hope i can use some of it

niwdenapolis said…

Yeah, you can use some of it.
goooooood girl said…
Feel good......
..... said…
Diez work is pretty interestin !! but about LCN, well it's too easy !!! sorry
gaylover said…
Masculine spanish fashion is not good... For the designers at the fashion shows, I must say it's boring. But Spain have great designers. And ZARA is a success all over the world. They are good on retail, creativity is low... I never understand this, because Spain have such a great culture and artists, but they don't know how to do fashion with identity...

But look at Sybilla, Jesus del Pozo, Ruiz de la Prada and some other great spanish designers.
And Spain gave us Balenciaga!