In Barcelona and Madrid

Hi Sorry I will not be able to post for 2 weeks. I´m currently in Barcelona and will be in Madrid for next week. I was planning to post the photo shoot I did before I left Toronto, but I didn´t had the chance. I don´t have an access to a laptop except for my blackberry. So you guys can still e-mail me and I can reply back. So if there´s any hot Spanish readers drop me line. I would love to have drinks with you guys.

Barcelona is so beautiful by the way. I love it here. The Catalans are very friendly and sexy. I love my apartment too.

Ok see you guys in 2 weeks.


..... said…
barcelona is the new spanish it-city for fashion and parties !!! calor
Anonymous said…
Nice Post. Thanks for sharing this information with us.
Anonymous said…
So lucky you are :) !