Fiber & Fellow - The Rightness Of Wearing Modernism

There are a lot of fashion labels right now that are reinterpreting the modernist aesthetics. But only few get it right. The new men’s wear label Fiber & Fellow belongs to this group. Based on Long Beach, California the label Fiber & Fellow was created by designer Jayson Santos and his 3 partners. It is founded on the concept of taking the basic core of fabric- which is fiber and establishes a relationship between the garments and the modern man.

There is straightforward elegance on their clothes. All details from the buttons to pockets are well thought out. There is no unnecessary embellishment. The cut are relaxed and comfortable with fine-tuned sharpness. Even with pragmatic characteristic, the clothes are very interesting. Fiber & Fellow are urban elegant clothes for modern contemporary men.

For Spring/Summer 2009 Fiber & Fellow offers light and breezy updated version of American sportswear. Checkered woven shirts, light knit cardigans, light weight shorts in fine fabrics dominates the collection I love how clean, comfortable and practical the clothes are and still one will look very sharp and chic wearing them. In other words there is rightness in them. For a new label Fiber & Fellow manage to capture a characteristic that eludes a lot of fashion brands and that is relevancy.




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