From Connex: Edilson Nascimento, Joseph Sayer &

Sorry I haven’t posted for almost three weeks. I just have been busy with work and went to Miami for 10 days for a photo shoot. So now I’m back I want to three male models courtesy of Edward Carl from Connex.

When a famous male model took a break from the industry and it’s interesting to find out news about him Edward Carl interviewed Joseph Sayer and let us know what he has been up to. Connex also introduced us to a new hot Brazilian male model Edilson Nascimento and Abercrombie’s Paul Vandervort.

Brazilian black belt Judo fighter Edilson Nascimento was discovered by an agent in a Judo competition. You can read more of his interview here.

Joseph Sayer From Supermodel to Educational Success

A few years ago male model Joseph Sayer has been staple in every major campaign like DSquared and D&G. But he has been absent for awhile. Thanks to Edward he told us that Joseph is just taking a break and concentrating on his bachelor’s degree and trying to get to medical school. You can read the interview here.

Paul Vendervort as Abercrombie & Fitch Model

Here’s interview of Paul Vandervort by Edward Carl.

“I face the modeling world as an adventure; it has so much to offer. I just want to make my mark and excel where I fit the best."

Thanks again to Edward Carl of Connex 24.7 for the tips.