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A-POC (A Piece of Clothing) by Issey Miyake

It’s fashion week again and almost everyone is looking for what will be the next big trend for next year and with all the talks about eco-friendly clothes and finding individualism in a global market. I decided it’s right time to blog about Issey Miyake’s A-POC (a piece of clothing) design concept.

A-POC, a unique idea of Miyake in manufacturing clothes is now goes beyond the confines of fashion. It’s an industrial weaving machine programmed by a computer that creates continuous tubes of fabric within which lie both shape and pattern. The customers can cut exactly to the length they want. The concept is a revolutionary way of making clothes, accessories or even lately furniture. A-POC process reduces any leftover fabric that would have been eventually garbage that filling up our landfills. Also it lets the costumer to have a role in the final design of the final outcome.

Now retired from fashion Miyake is now concentrating on further developing the A-POC technology with the help of textile expert Dai Fujiwara. Together they encourage others to find new applications for A-POC. Since any material that can be turned into a fiber can be use in A-POC process the possibilities for this technology is endless. Their team already developed a series of colourful chairs and sofas and a resin-linen blend that found to be as strong as steel.
(photo from the book A-Poc Making: Issey Miyake and Dai Fujiwara by Issey Miyake).

Miyake now offer a product called “Gemini”to consumers, co-designed by the London-based furniture maker/architect Ron Arad. Gemini is a streamlined, body-cushioning seat pillow, made of A-POC fabric, which morphs into an elegant, body-hugging jacket.

Miyake and Arad also teamed up to produced the “Ripple Chair”

Fujiwara Dai and Miyake Issey's A-POC Queen Textile. 1997. Cotton, nylon, and polyurethane, Dimensions variable. Manufactured by Issey Miyake, Inc., Tokyo, Japan. Gift of Miyake Design Studio. Composite image by Pascal Roulin

Photos of the A-POC store in Tribecca New York . (IsseyMiyakeTribecca)

Here's A-POC's ‘Baguette’ collection.

Started in Fall/Winter 2007 collection, A-POC technology was implemented as a design solution for three Issey Miyake brands which will be called A-POC INSIDE. Here's Issey Miyake"s Spring/Summer 2008

Here's the video of the show.

A-POC inside video


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