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Happy New Year & 80's Fashion TV

Happy New Year! I wish every one of you a great year ahead. I hope everything will be better this year. I’m not going to regale you with a New Year resolution because I never ever made one anyway. For me trying to be a better person and improve everything in my life is an everyday goal.

80’s Fashion TV
Probably a lot of you were too young to remember the 80’s I found a couple of videos of my favourite 80’s TV shows about fashion. If you are a big fan of “Ugly Betty” show, you would have loved these overly campy shows about fashion industry.

Cover Up
It’s a show starring Jennifer O’Neal as fashion photographer Danielle Reynolds who also a government agent and hunky Jon-Erik Hexum as his model muse who also really a former green beret. Together they would go to different parts of the world to solve international crimes and of course to do a sexy editorial photo shoot on the side. How cool is that? Could you imagine if in real life Steven Klein and Eugene Bauder were really CIA agents and were really trying to fight international terrorist and those sexy Dolce And Gabbana photo shoots were just a “cover up”. How amazing is that?

Paper Dolls

Paper Dolls This is the show about modeling business, Morgan Fairchild as the uber bitch powerful head of model agency. I’m telling you this now – you never really live until you have heard Morgan Fairchild says the word “darling”. The way she says it almost every single seconds she was on screen is probably on the camp hall of fame. The very young Nicollete Sheridan played the top teen model Taryn Blake who’s character was mildly based on Brooke Shields and Terry Farrell as Laurie Caswell as newbie model who was being played to snatch the top spot from Taryn. Too bad the show didn’t last long. It always had fun photo shoots accompanied with cool 80’s music. Also former Mrs. Tom Cruise Mimi Rogers was part of the cast as the aging top model who also the daughter of billionaire and wife of struggling sportswear designer.


LYNN and HORST said…
how great is that!?
your vision of a contemporary cover up with steven klein and eugene bauder would be just wonderful.

love your post!

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