Numero Homme 14

You should get the latest Numero Homme. Inside there a great editorial by Mathias Vriens, Mondino and top male model Sean O’Prys.
Frozen Margarita by Mathias Vriens

Mirage by Jean-Baptiste Mondino

Cravate noire by Camilla Akrans
featuring male model: Sean O'Pry


FLIT Magazine said…
Glad to see you are doing this blog, Niwde ... You may like FLIT (and we would love it if you wanted to contribute something). Are you on Myspace? check out ... (Met you on Hint many years ago)
Anonymous said…
Hi there. Um...apparently you have this magazine (I can't find it anywhere) and in this issue, there was a model featured beside Bartek you know his name? He has long, dark can see him here under The Hunter. :/ I can't find his name anywhere.