Dutch Designer: JEROEN VanTUYL

First of all I apologized to every one for the very late post. I just have been really busy catching up on work. I completely enjoyed my vacation in Amsterdam. I would post more about my vacation and some photos later on.

So in honour of all things Dutch here’s JEROEN VanTUYL a great menswear designer label from Rotterdam who I just recently discovered.

I’m dying to own one of his coat. The detailing and craftsmanship look so amazing.

Just check out some of the photos from his amazing Fall/Winter 2007/08 - Dragontech collection. I love all the jackets and coats. The details of every pieces are amazing.

Here are few of the photos from his Spring/summer 2007 - Transformer collection

How sexy is this photo? The model is Matt Gordon who was also featured here in earlier Niwdenapolis.

Check out the details on the pants.

I love this shirts Opt art inspired shirt from the left.

Look how amazing are the details on the both jackets from his A/W 2006/07 Man.Machine collection.