The Amazing Works of Ted Noten

I’m going to Amsterdam in the middle of October (any readers from Amsterdam who wants to say hi or buy me a coffee there just E-mail me), so I’ve been researching about the city places to go, eat, shop, fashion, design etc…. One of the many interesting things I discovered is the amazing conceptual jewelry designs of Ted Noten.

You can’t be pragmatic looking at his amazing portfolios. You can’t help but smile and be awed looking at his works -from a bag made of starling bird cast in acrylic, purse made of an engraved gold plated gun and bullet in acrylic, and my favourite, a purse made of ice pick, gold ring, synthetic diamond, cocaine, and pearls in acrylic.

I can’t wait to check out his show in Expsorium de Boelelaan on 1105 Amsterdam, which will be opened until Nov. 27..

Ted Noten


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