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Spanish Hot Young Actor- Alejo Sauras

Last weekend I watched the Spanish film “Welcome Home (Beinvenido a casa)” a story about a young man journey to adulthood. The film was beautiful, sweet and lots of Almodovaresque quirkiness. But what really captivated me to film is the hot and sexy lead young actor, Alejo Sauras - he’s so charismatic on screen that I was convinced that I want to have a baby too after watching “Welcome Home”- oh well just for a brief moment. I didn’t know much about him so I decided to do some research and post it here in Niwdenapolis.

Alejo Sauras was born June 29 1979 in Palma de Mallorca but grew up in Madrid. He studied electronics and Aviation but he was bad at them so he decided to pursue acting instead. He completed his studies at the Escuela de Arte Dramático Cristina Rota. He starred in a TV series "Al salir de clase" from 1997 to 2001 wherein he played a gay teen. The role made him popular to Spanish audience and soon enough many acting roles started coming his way.

Here is him kissing a guy.

Here's him playing strip poker with another hot young actor.