New York - Men's Fashion Spring/Summer 2008 (Part 1)

Duckie Brown is all about fun interpretation of the classic. Shapes are voluminous and relax. The raspberry coloured pants and floral printed tops and bottoms are quirky and playful. I love the coats in pearlize colour. But the sequined shirt and hooded sweater looked like they were raided from Judy Garland impersonator’s closet.

Here's the video of the show.


Nautica showed the same clothes they are known for- laidback basics with great roots on nautical style. These clothes are for men who like their classic without any modification. The used uber-perfect male models like James Rousseau, Lucas Kerr, Alex Manning, and Josh Wald to name a few were entertaining.

Here's the video of the show.

American style in very pale neutral colours-lots of stipes and windowpane-checkered prints.

Video Part 1

Video Part 2

I love their twist on classic like safari jacket and shorts. Those sporty khakis in the collection are adorable and hip. There’s a Thom Browne influence in their suits. My favourite is the black short pantsuits with white shirt and black piping in the collar worn by the model Sean O’Pry.

( I love this outfit)

Here's the video of the countdown for Rag & Bone spring/summer 2008 show.

There’s a safari influence. The shape varies – roomier cut on the some coats and pants while some suits has very slim cut.


Thom Browne took the Americana style and twisted it in a very intriguing way. You can see the masculine banker or surfer theme but somehow interpreted in a very peculiar manner- rosette printed shirt and pants, codpieces, girlie turban. It’s like looking at Ralph Lauren collection in a Bizzaro world. I don’t know if it’s an intellectual collection


The collection seems like your normal basic Gap clothes worn by bohemian looking models.

It’s very Upper East Side New Yorker.


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Anonymous said…
Thanks for sharing Owen Steuart and Eddie Klint on the runway. They both make it look simple and regal. Cheers...Michal