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Brad Pitt As An Art Subject

Ever since Warhol era Hollywood celebrities have been subject of many artists. But majority of them never really collaborated with the artists for projects. I think that what makes Brad Pitt different from most of his colleagues that he seems always interested in working with different artists of various medium - whether it’s for fashion editorial or avant-garde videos. Maybe Brad interest in architecture makes more sensible to other form of arts.

Here are some of artist Brad Pitt has collaborated with.

The Many Lives of Brad Pitt by Mario Testino

In front of Mario Testino’s camera Brad Pitt showed his many different faces for V Magazine.

Source: V Magazine

Freedom of Love by Nick Knight

Freedom of Love is a short film directed by Nick Knight during a photo shoot for Vanity Fair. Nick Knight created various visual and aural actions for Brad Pitt to perform while he reads a stanza from André Breton's poem 'Freedom of Love.

Project credits
Narration: Brad Pitt
Direction & Film: Nick Knight
Motion Image Design and Edit: Adam Mufti
Production: Stardust Visions
Set Design: Bill Doig
Styling: Alister Mackie
Source: Showstudio

Here’s the poem.

Freedom of Love by André Breton'

"My wife with the hair of a wood fire
With the thoughts of heat lightning
With the waist of an hourglass
With the waist of an otter in the teeth of a tiger
My wife with the lips of a cockade and of a bunch of stars of the last magnitude
With the teeth of tracks of white mice on the white earth
With the tongue of rubbed amber and glass
My wife with the tongue of a stabbed host
With the tongue of a doll that opens and closes its eyes
With the tongue of an unbelievable stone
My wife with the eyelashes of strokes of a child's writing
With brows of the edge of a swallow's nest
My wife with the brow of slates of a hothouse roof
And of steam on the panes
My wife with shoulders of champagne
And of a fountain with dolphin-heads beneath the ice
My wife with wrists of matches
My wife with fingers of luck and ace of hearts
With fingers of mown hay
My wife with armpits of marten and of beechnut
And of Midsummer Night
Of privet and of an angelfish nest
With arms of seafoam and of riverlocks
And of a mingling of the wheat and the mill
My wife with legs of flares
With the movements of clockwork and despair
My wife with calves of eldertree pith
My wife with feet of initials
With feet of rings of keys and Java sparrows drinking
My wife with a neck of unpearled barley
My wife with a throat of the valley of gold
Of a tryst in the very bed of the torrent
With breasts of night
My wife with breasts of a marine molehill
My wife with breasts of the ruby's crucible
With breasts of the rose's spectre beneath the dew
My wife with the belly of an unfolding of the fan of days
With the belly of a gigantic claw
My wife with the back of a bird fleeing vertically
With a back of quicksilver
With a back of light
With a nape of rolled stone and wet chalk
And of the drop of a glass where one has just been drinking
My wife with hips of a skiff
With hips of a chandelier and of arrow-feathers
And of shafts of white peacock plumes
Of an insensible pendulum
My wife with buttocks of sandstone and asbestos
My wife with buttocks of swans' backs
My wife with buttocks of spring
With the sex of an iris
My wife with the sex of a mining-placer and of a platypus
My wife with a sex of seaweed and ancient sweetmeat
My wife with a sex of mirror
My wife with eyes full of tears
With eyes of purple panoply and of a magnetic needle
My wife with savanna eyes
My wife with eyes of water to he drunk in prison
My wife with eyes of wood always under the axe
My wife with eyes of water-level of level of air earth and fire."

Source: Showstudio

Robert Wilson HD video portrait

Here’s Brad video portrait from internationally acclaimed American avant-garde artist Robert Wilson (known as the towering figure of avant-garde theatre. His groundbreaking international theatre works such as "Deafman Glance," "Einstein on the Beach" and "The CIVIL WarS," were lauded as a mesmerizing visual genius.) This Wilson’s project is about 50 stylized HD video portraits of celebrities to be viewed on flat panel HDTVs hung on the wall like pictures. The HD video portraits cast celebrities like Brad Pitt, Steve Buscemi and Winona Ryder in unique settings where exceedingly slow movement is presented in roughly five-minute loops to bring a new dimension to term “still life.”
The idea of the project is to create artifacts that sit on the wall in the tradition of paintings, and film but don’t deal with a frame and other constraints of paintings or photos. It is also meant to be a very playful extension of the paintings. They have the appearance of still life on the wall, but then they started gradually to move. The more you watch them, the more you see in terms of that movement. They sit up on your wall as permanent installations. Brad Pitts’s portrait ended up being on the cover of Vanity Fair and we all know what happened after.

Brad Pitt Unleashed by Steven Klein
Here’s is the video of W Magazine photo shoot by Steven Klein of Brad for his film “Fight Club”.


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