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Gianni Versace's 10th Death Anniversary

Last July 15 a special ballet was presented in Milan to honour the late fashion designer Gianni Versace on the 10th anniversary of his death. The costumes were all designed by Gianni except for the second act which was designed by Donatella. The event was organised by Donatella. Around 1,400 guests are expected to attend including Karl Lagerfeld who said that he didn’t like the wave of anniversaries that has broken over fashion this summer, from Dior's 60th birthday to Valentino's 45-year fest, but that he had come to the Versace event because he had known him from early in his career and had been closer to him than any other designer.

In addition to the La Scala event, the city of Milan also featured an exhibit of Gianni Versace’s sketches of theatre costumes on the streets of the city.
Here some of the photos from the event (Source: IHT)

Here's a video of the event from FTV.

Coincidentally enough I was cleaning my place when I found an old Versace catalogue. It was the 1998/99 Fall & Winter collection shot by the legendary Bruce Weber. So I decided to scan them and just share it with you guys. It seems like yesterday I got this from a friend of who used to work at the Versace boutique here in Toronto which is now closed. God how time flies eh? One of the models is Peter Johnson from who we all know starred in Bruce’s Chop Suey Club book. The book cost $200 now.

Oh I found this great videl clip whic I think is great example of Gianni Versace’s legacy. See all the supermodels in one show, Linda, Naomi, Cindy, Claudia, Christy, Helena. God I miss the supermodels too.