Top 20 Fashion Fall 2007 Campaign

Since all the back breaking September magazines are mostly consist of ads. And a lot of them are beautiful anyway that they could pass as fashion editorials. So I decided to list my best top 20 campaigns.

1) Alberta Ferreti

This season best fall campaign belongs to Alberta Ferreti. Using dualism as an intellectual point of view and merging with architecture (which is currently happening a lot in fashion right now) are the reasons that I think it hits the right notes. The hard edges of the structure of the interiors and the house were balance by the gorgeous ephemeral, soft and breezy Ferreti dresses. There is excellent blending of romanticism and modernism in all the photos. I want to know though if the house that this photos were taken were by David Ling who also designed the Alberta Ferreti’s store in Paris. Anyone knows? Models: Julia Stegner, Adina Folin

2) Jil Sander
When Raf Simons presented his fall 2007 collections for men and women they were amazingly fresh take on minimalism. This campaign echoed the ideas of the collection, transmogrifying minimalism into more edgy look that tackles the idea of dualism (just like the Ferreti ads). Jil Sander - M: Irina Kulikova, Kasia Struss, Douglas Jewell, Clement Chabernaud.

3) Prada

There is minimalist but complex aspect with these ads. This campaign reminds me of Anthony Goicolea’s multiple self-portrait series, “You and What Army”. Just like Goicolea’s portraits there is a sense of surreal playful innocence in the ads, plus the combination of Prada’s clever use of mixture of natural and synthetic colour, texture and fabrics to the clothes - resulting to a fun and intellectual campaign. Miucha Prada always knows how to subtly throw intellectual arguments in her works. The mohair shaggy coat is very interesting. Photographer: Steven Meisel; Model: Sasha Pivavrova, Irina Kulikova, Anabela Belikova, Nick Snider, Mikhail Severe.

4) Calvin Klein

There’s an Irving Penn project with Issey Miyake influence in this campaign. I love the play on the shape and form. Photographed by Craig McDean, Model: Suvi Koponen, Sean Opry.

5) Missoni

I love the mysterious and haunting look of this campaign. If Alfred Hitchcock would shoot a fashion ad this what it would look like. The mixture of 40’s glam and slickness of 70’s retro that were evident from the fall show could easily found in the ads. And how can you not love Daria in these photos. She’s truly a force to be reckon with. This is one Daria’s numerous campaigns this season. Owen Steuart is very believable as the leading man for this campaign. He looks more handsomely manly, stronger and no longer looks like a scrawny fragile boy.

6) Mui Mui
The new campaign is very strong in so many levels. The launching of Miu Miu site for this campaign sets the beginning of the brand’s becoming a strong independent entity from her older sister Prada. This also marks the second coming of Laetita Casta, who surprisingly looks so edgy and editorial (who would thought?). The matronly and vintage look of the Miu Miu’s fall 2007 collection seems so young, modern, sexy and fresh on this campaign.

7) Louis Vuitton

This is the continuation of the last campaign with Scarlett Johansson. But with this season outfits much sexier from the last campaign, they are now matches her “thinking-man Marylyn Monroe” persona. Mert & Marcus created perfect photos capturing Hollywood glamour. The additional campaigns with Catherine Deneuve, Mikhail Gorbachev, Andre & Steffi Graff by Annie Leibovitz ante up the Hollywood allure. Photos: Mert & Marcus, Model: Scarlett Johansson, Photo by: Annie Leibovitz Model: Catherine Denuve.

8) Chloe
I love the ‘party-snapshot’ aesthetic of these photos which give them fun and youthful appearance. Just like the spirit of the collection for fall 2007 there’s a clean minimalist aspect but with a touch of rock & roll. Choosing Shalom as the lead model for the ad is perfect. She becomes more beguiling and elegantly beautiful as she gets older but without losing her bohemian aura – qualities of what Chloe as a brand stands for. Photographed by: Inez Van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin, Models: Freja Beha, Shalom Harlow, Anja Rubik.

9) Balenciaga
The casual mix and match outfits of the fall 2007 show looks edgier in this campaign. The photos look hauntingly beautiful. Photos by David Sims, Model: Anabela, Suvi Koponen.

10 ) Hermes
There is something about these ads that personify quiet elegance, just like Hermes. The photo which is very simple but by adding of an illustration of a little gold Hermes ribbon gave the nice touch of whimsy. Photographed by Peter Lindbergh, Models: Daria Werbowy, Monika Jagaciak .

11) Christian Dior (Women)

I love how the geometric pattern of the background matches the pleated ruffles and folds of the amazingly gorgeous dresses. I like the Irving Penn reference of the ads. Photographer: Craig McDean, Model : Jessica Stam.

12) Gap

This fall Gap decided to go back to its renowned portraiture. I think this time Gap is really in perfect note in redefining their classics. Since Gap is known for using celebrities (even dead ones) rather than models this campaign doesn’t look force or stilted. Also this time the ads are more into variety of new basic clothes Gap is offering rather than just focus on one trendy item as off the previous campaigns. Not to mention how can you not love Puffy AmiYumi as one of the spokespeople. Models: John Mayer, Lucy Liu, Liev Schreiber, Sarah Silverman,Forest Whitaker,Selma Blair,Ken Watanabe,Regina King, Davis Guggenheim, Twyla Tharp,Marcel Wanders, Puffy AmiYumi.

13) Versace

The bright colour of the clothes it so brassy and chic. Kate Moss looks amazing. There is no question how she still manages to keep the title of supermodel after all these years. Tuki Brandon looks as cute as he is on those Bruce Weber’s Vogue Homme editorials many months ago. Photographed by Mario Testino, Models: Kate Moss, Tuki Brandon.

14) Hug Boss (Black)
These photos remind me of Irving Penn’s “wall-corner portraits”. I like the crisp grayness quality of the shots and the texture of the background. Mathias is perfect man for the Hugo Boss campaign. He put some edgy quality to the otherwise very basic clothes. Photographed by Mario Testino, Models: Catherine McNeil, Mathias Lauridsen.

15) DKNY

I love the NY at night vibe of the DKNY campaign. The street lights on the background captured the excitement, mystery and energy of the city. It’s really what DKNY brand is all about – urban chic. Photographed by Regan Cameraon, Models: Jessica Stam, Michael Braeger.

16) Valentino
Everything about this campaign says elegant -the colour, the clothes, the models and the lighting are perfect. The classic Valentino red dresses look amazing in this ad. Models: Daria Werbowy, Gemma Ward, Hilary Rhoda, Oriol Elcacho .

17) Dolce & Gabbana

The futuristic theme from previous campaigns continued on the new campaign. Great casting specially the naked Sean O on the floor, but the whole S&M on space looks stale and boring. Photographed by Steven Klein, Models: Sean O, Kasia Struss, Hye Park, Coco Rocha, Vlada, Georgia Frost, Ph: Steven Klein, Info: Hye Rim Park's.

18) D&G
If is not for the great casting this campaign wouldn’t be on my top list. The styling of the shoot seems very similar to the fast campaign. The whole mirror and metallic background is really starting to look boring. Photographed by Mario Testino, Models: Iekeliene Stange, Rachel Clark, Johanna Jonssson, Erin Heatherton, Milagros Schmoll, Guy Robinson, Eddie Klint, Eugen Bauder, Malte Heininger, Hampus.

19) Moschino

I love the clone idea of this campaign. It really captured the brand’s fun and ironic view on fashion. Photographer: Peter Lindberg, Models: : Kinee Diouf, Honorine, Ajuma, Wakeema Hollis, Han Hye Jin, Daul Kim, Ai Tominaga, Tao Okamoto, Eugenia Mandzhieva, Pei Bei.

20) Perry Ellis
This new campaign, which features Sasha Knezevic and Anouk Lepere on a deserted, beach were styled to reference thee halcyon days of Perry Ellis himself on Fire Island and the Matt Norklun-modeled campaign of the seventies. The clothes on the ads were pretty much basic but I love the gray and melancholy tones of the ad.

I’m interested to know what you guys’ list of top best campaigns.


Anonymous said…
Congratulations. Wonderful work!!.
A pleasure for the eyes!.


niwdenapolis said…
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Asi Mod said…
Love your collection of ads here.

Great job!!
Mara said…
You confused the whole Australian news about pics of Monika Jagaciak. They keep showing Daria in Hermes, because that pic was the first that came up on google images. *lol* *rofl*
Anonymous said…
Very nice indeed, however I disagree slightly on your number one choice. Personally, I would have Missoni's campaign. The snapshots are just extraordinary, the collision of 70s retro and 40s glam (as, you said yourself) is quite something.
Anonymous said…
You inspire me... Will always be a great reference.
I am a Creative Director at a well known fashion company...

See how what we all throw out to the universe comes back for more... one day you post my work without knowing it...

Let's share our love for Fashion.

Cheers mate.
niwdenapolis said…
Thanks. I did Fall 2008 too.

I'm currently doing the Spring/Summer 2009.