Gregory Capra at Paris Plage.

My favourite French trainer Gregory Capra was generously send me some photos from the summer activity at Paris Plage.

He said that a month before the World Rugby Cup, the city of Paris organized a beach rugby tournament in front of the city hall. So here are some photos from the event.

By the way for those who are not familiar about Paris Plage, for the past few summers, the banks of the Seine in Paris have been transformed into a beach-- Paris Plage. This offers Parisians and tourists a rather surprising plot twist when strolling along the river. For several weeks, the roads along the Seine are closed, and a "beach" is created. Tons of sand are crated in, potted palm trees are placed, beach chairs and umbrellas are arranged. The typical Paris dress code is reduced substantially.

Thanks Greg!


Anonymous said…
That does not look like Gregory Capra
niwdenapolis said…
He's the one who took all the photos.