These are the current top internationally trending runway and editorial Asian male models. in alphabetical order. AIDEN PARK

The Next Big Thing: Casey Taylor

Born in Ottawa Canada Casey Taylor is fast becoming the It boy of the fashion industry। Having the right look and great personality to match he’s being booked left and right by major fashion houses. He is in the current Lanvin and Top Man campaign. You could also so see him in a lot of editorial high end magazine like Vogue Homme Wunderland Loaded and Collezioni.

Here's Casey Taylor interview from FTV. Please don't mind the wierd voice and the usual "I want to be a rapper" comment.

Here is another video on what he does best.


Anonymous said…

can you tell me which designer/show was the pic of him in the green jacket from? i love that jacket! is that from the fall/winter 07 collection?

Joe in the OC said…
I can't help but think that any men (boys) who look like that, gaunt and starved, would not even be able to afford the clothes he is modeling. Call me crazy. Why do designers continue to make clothes for people who will never buy them? Somehow I don't think they will look as good on healthier and albeit wealthier men. I'm just trying to be practical and I realize it's hopeless. Oh well.
niwdenapolis said…
The jacket is from Gucci Fall 2007 collection.

Yes Joe I agree with you normally people who have the money and power to buy designer clothes every season don't have the body (most of the time with the exception of some high society women) and age to be like the models. But sad to say high fashion not to be confused with style (which is ageless and weightless) only looks good on the very young and skinny. That's why models are there for the fantasy and aspiration essence that attached to fashion.
lord21 said…
ı love you casey.he is perfect men.