Jean Baptiste Mondino

Many of my favourite music videos were directed by Jean- Bapstiste Mondino; Madonna’s “Open Your Heart” and "Justify My Love" and Jon Henley’s “Boy of Summer” to name a few. He’s also one of the greatest innovative fashion photographers right now. His great skills in manipulating photographs the produces surreal, sexy, provocative, ironic and funny images makes him synonymous to a modern Guy Bourdin. I love his Gauliter’s ads and celebrity portraits.

Here are some of his videos from Youtube.

Here's his one of Gaultier's TV ad

Lee's Ad

Don Henley's "Boy of Summer"

Nene Cherry's "Buddy X"

Here are two of the many Madonna's video directed by Mondino.
Justify My Love

"Open Your Heart'

Jean-Baptiste Mondino


Anonymous said…
i've got just one idol: him and his perfect look one fashion style!