Homage to Gianfranco Ferre

The fashion world was shocked and sad with the news about the death of Gianfranco Ferre. After suffering a brain hemorrhage on Friday, Mr. Ferré had been admitted to the San Raffaele hospital, where doctors confirmed his death, the Italian news agency ANSA reported. He suffered a cerebral hemorrhage. Ferre known as “the architect of fashion” was for many years a leading designer in Milan, and considered one of the designers along with Versace, Armani that paved the way to the rise of Italian fashion movement that started in early eighties.

His design usually very structural and theatrical – the high multiple collars, enlarged cuffs, embroidered laser cut and laced leather masculine-looking suits and austere gowns.
He was the creative director of Christian Dior in Paris in 1989 to 1997, when he replacing Marc Bohan.

Ferrè is never really cared much about trends and fashion gimmicks which why is known for his singular and distinct vision. Throughout the years he concentrated on the quality and construction of his clothes.

As a tribute I collected some of photos from his shows. I couldn’t find his collection during the 80’s and during his tenure at Christian Dior.

Ferre Men Spring/Summer 2006

Fall/Winger 1996

Spring/Summer 1997

Spring/Summer 1997

Fall/Winter 1997

Spring/Summer 1998

Spring/Summer 1999

Fall/Winter 1999

Fall/Winter 2000

Fall/Winter 2001

Spring 2001

Fall 2002

Spring 2002

Spring 2006

Fall 2007

Spring 2007

You can watch Ferre's retrospective from FTV here.


Anonymous said…
brings tears to my eye, everytime I look at his work. I was in Fratelli Rossetti on Madison Ave. the Monday after he passed, I had on a Ferre belt and the store manager noticed it and told me, she had heard it on Italian news station. I'm a NYC based architect, and I wanted Ferre to still be designing, when I became rich. Managed to aquire some pieces anyway, mostly accessories. What a GENIUS. And it seems like the world is, for the most part, ignorant of its loss. Wanted to meet him sooo badly. Very few people stand out to me like that. Will miss him forever. If I do get rich it will be diminished by the fact that I can't buy up his designs. (unless it happens soon, in which case I would buy everything in all of his stores) The fiercest designer of all time!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nobody wanted it!!!!
:~( (condolensces to any family of his) Glenn O'Neill, imgmoney2@aol.com